Birch Veneer Lantern Kit

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Birch Venner Lantern/Vase Sleeve Kit

2 pack (8 veneer panels plus Waxed Hemp ties)

Panels are pre-perforated and hemp strings included to customize a standard cylinder glass vase (Vase not included).  Easy to decorate to your unique design.  Or use as votive candle lantern**

4 panels fit a 4 inch standard cylinder vase (GLASS VASE NOT INCLUDED).  For larger containers, simply use additional panels. 

100% Natural, Biodegradable, Compostable and Earth Friendly.


**Caution: Wood is flammable - not for use with open flame.  "We LOVE the glow from an LED candle placed inside these lanterns! Study the natural growth patterns of these 'Pioneer Plants' -- the Betula species."