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Sideau AgraWool® Knife 8 inch

Sideau AgraWool® Knife 8 inch

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The Sideau AgraWool® Knife is a versatile 8-inch knife with a serrated blade and a wooden handle.

Specifically designed for cutting Sideau AgraWool® products to fit seamlessly into any floral container.
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Sideau AgraWool® is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional floral foam blocks. Made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibers, this non-toxic solution provides a sustainable option for your floral arrangements. Sideau AgraWool® is crafted by spinning powdered basalt rock into fibers at high heat and binding them with a patented sugar-based agent, offering a natural and eco-friendly choice for your floral needs.

Versatile and essential for all floral enthusiasts, Sideau AgraWool® is your go-to solution for fresh, dry, and silk flowers. Designed to seamlessly integrate into standard floral containers, it's effortlessly customizable with the Sideau AgraWool® Knife. With its sharp serrated edge and wooden handle, crafting your perfect arrangement has never been easier.