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Sideau AgraWool® Sampler

Sideau AgraWool® Sampler

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Sideau AgraWool® is a 100% natural floral design alternative to floral foam blocks.

It is made from basalt wool with plant-based, starch binders. It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable.

9 in. x 4 in. x 3 in. bricks

3 bricks per sampler
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Sideau AgraWool® is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional floral foam blocks. Made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibers, this non-toxic solution provides a sustainable option for your floral arrangements. Sideau AgraWool® is crafted by spinning powdered basalt rock into fibers at high heat and binding them with a patented sugar-based agent, offering a natural and eco-friendly choice for your floral needs.

Perfect for fresh, dry, and silk flowers, Sideau AgraWool® fits seamlessly into standard floral containers and can be easily cut to size with a serrated edge knife. Its quick water absorption properties ensure that your stems stay hydrated, while its sturdy construction securely supports them.

Sideau AgraWool®'s composition of thin layers of mineral basalt fibers compressed into sheets provides stability and durability. The ribbed side of the brick offers the strongest support and water retention, making it ideal for most arrangements. The softer side of the block can be used for delicate stems, with pre-perforation recommended for ease of insertion.

As the binding material biodegrades, Sideau AgraWool® transforms into rock dust, acting as a beneficial soil amendment that's safe for the environment. While handling, those with skin sensitivity should wash their hands afterward. Personal Protective Equipment is not required for normal use.


For optimal results, follow these steps when using Sideau AgraWool®:

  1. Preparation (optional): Cut the Sideau AgraWool® to fit your floral container with a serrated edge knife.
  2. Water Absorption: Place the Sideau AgraWool® in your container and add approximately 1.5 liters of water per brick. The wool will quickly absorb the water, supporting stems in place.
  3. Orientation: Position the Sideau AgraWool® with the ribbed side facing up for optimal strength and water retention. For delicate stems, consider using the softer side.
  4. Insertion (optional): Use a skewer or pick to "pre-perforate" and protect the stems, facilitating easier insertion through the layers of Sideau AgraWool®.
  5. Disposal: After use, Sideau AgraWool® can be reused, composted in small quantities, or safely disposed of in regular landfills, contributing to a more sustainable floral industry.