OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks (100pk)

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OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks  (Patent Pending)

Eco friendly, bamboo floral detail for displaying notecards & delivery cards in arrangements & bouquets.

Package of 100 Sticks.  16 inch long.

The little vertical cut at the top of the OLMS Bamboo Floral  Stick will hold most note cards firmly in place. It measures 3/4” long, 1/16” wide.   This cut can also hold seed packets for your herb garden, table place setting cards for the wedding you are planning:  OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks can be used for more than just note cards!

The sticks are notched at 12 inch and 10 inch to make them easy to shorten when needed.

For additional hold, please use our Beeswax Hemp Twine to loop around the card and the notches in the stick.  This will help with windy conditions or bumpy rides!