OshunPouch® is a sustainable alternative to traditional floral foam blocks. This patent-pending, expandable floral pouch mechanic system ships flat and expands when hydrated. Crafted with innovation at its core, the OshunPouch® is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and home compostable, ensuring your floral designs leave a positive impact every step of the way.

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How To Use OshunPouch®

1. Prepare the Pouch: Using a small tool such as a skewer or toothpick, puncture small holes evenly throughout both sides of the OshunPouch®. Aim for approximately 10-12 holes per side to ensure proper hydration.

2. Hydrate the Pouch: Fill a container with water and submerge the pouch completely for 5-7 minutes, allowing it to fully hydrate. This step ensures that the pouch is ready to provide optimal support and hydration to your flowers and stems.

3. Arrange Your Flowers: Once fully hydrated, the OshunPouch® is ready to use. Insert your flowers and stems securely into the pouch, arranging them as desired.

4. Keep Hydrated: To maintain the freshness and longevity of your floral arrangement, it's essential to keep the OshunPouch® hydrated. Check the water level regularly and replenish as needed to ensure the best results.

OshunPouch® is best suited for day-of arrangements, providing ample support and hydration for your blooms. However, we recommend testing it with your specific flower materials and display conditions beforehand to ensure optimal performance.

Home Compostability

OshunPouch® is biodegradable and is certified Home Compostable. It completes its Home Compostability cycle in six months, a fast cycle completion time.

OshunPouch® is also OK Compost Home certified, meaning it guarantees complete biodegradability in the light of specific requirements, even in your garden compost heap. 

OshunPouch® is born of nature and breaks down in the natural environment, replenishing depleted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is OshunPouch® made of?

OshunPouch® is made of a special blend of certified organic, 100% natural coco coir and other natural ingredients. Its membrane is plant-based, usually derived from starches found in corn or beet sugars.

Is OshunPouch® reusable?

Yes, OshunPouch® is home compostable, which is the highest standard. You can use it multiple times in floral arrangements by rehydrating it after each use. Additionally, it can be repurposed as a planting medium for indoor or outdoor gardens or as a top dressing for plants, providing weed suppression and enhancing the visual appeal of your garden.

Is OshunPouch® compostable?

Yes, OshunPouch® is home compostable, which is the highest standard. This means you can compost it in your backyard or a designated bin, where it breaks down naturally into materials that enrich the soil without harming the environment. Composting OshunPouch® and the flowers inserted in it helps regenerate the soil and reduce waste.

Is OshunPouch® zero waste?

Yes, OshunPouch® is zero waste. Our design ensures no waste during use. The pouch cannot be cut to shape, but its organic nature allows flexibility to fit various vessels and designs. We offer two sizes to meet customer needs and will consider new formats based on feedback.

Does OshunPouch® drip and/or stain surfaces?

OshunPouch® drips less than foam and other alternatives, but each designer's experience may vary. To avoid potential drips or stains, we recommend covering your work area with a protective cloth while working and removing it for final placement, as is commonly accepted for events.

What kind of flowers can be used with OshunPouch®?

Test OshunPouch® with your specific flowers and conditions before use. For weaker stems like TULIPS or RANUNCULUS, pre-drill the pouch membrane for added protection. Thirsty flowers like HYDRANGEA may benefit from being placed in a container with OshunPouch®️ for easy rehydration.

Do you ship OshunPouch® internationally?

Yes, New Age Floral ships OshunPouch® to the EU. Shipping is for VAT Number Holders only and ships from the Netherlands via DPD. 

For UK and Australia customers, please visit Sustainable Florist Supplies to purchase OshunPouch®.

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