About Us

New Age Floral is the premier supplier of sustainable alternatives to traditional floral designs. We're dedicated to selling naturally sourced, regenerative materials, reducing the strain on Earth's resources caused by the floral industry.

Sustainability is our driving force. New Age Floral is disrupting traditional floral products, like replacing the environmentally taxing single-use plastic floral foam with innovative eco-friendly solutions.

Choose New Age Floral to invest in quality products and join a movement reshaping the floral industry. Let's create beauty that leaves only footprints.

New Age Floral


Our mission is clear: to provide floral professionals and hobbyists with eco-friendly solutions that replace unsustainable materials and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future. From our own inventions, like OshunPouch®, to carefully curated products, we offer alternatives that meet the highest performance standards and align with our values of environmental stewardship.

Join us in our mission to seek sustainability, embrace innovation, and leave a positive impact on our planet. Welcome to the New Age of floral sustainability.

New Age Floral

Our History

New Age Floral burst onto the floral scene in 2020, aiming to revolutionize the industry and champion sustainability. Led by visionary founder Kirsten VanDijk, our mission is to challenge norms and redefine standards through innovative solutions.

The invention of the OshunPouch®, a groundbreaking alternative to traditional floral foam blocks, epitomizes our commitment to sustainability and has sparked a movement towards eco-conscious practices.

As pioneers in our field, New Age Floral remains dedicated to shaping a greener future for floral design.

Kirsten VanDijk

Meet Kirsten VanDijk, the visionary founder of New Age Floral and inventor of the OshunPouch®. With a lifelong passion for flowers, Kirsten's journey spans leadership in garden clubs, owning flower shops, and pioneering online flower show education. In 2020, she found her true purpose in sustainability, founding New Age Floral to reshape the industry. Kirsten's groundbreaking invention, the OshunPouch®, has revolutionized floral design, setting new standards for eco-conscious innovation.