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"Agra-Wool's 100% Natural Floral Foam" is a Natural alternative to Single Use Plastic Foam. 

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Product Information

This new eco-friendly product is non-toxic and made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibers. In order to create this 100% natural alternative to traditional floral foam, powdered basalt rock is spun into fibers at high heat and bound with a patented, sugar based binding agent.

 The product can be used for fresh, dry and silk flowers.  It fits into standard floral foam containers and easily cuts to size using a serrated edge.  It absorbs water quickly, even without immersion and supports stems in place. The wool does not crumble nor shed micro fibers in the water.  It can be re-used, composted in small quantities, and safely disposed of in a normal landfill.  

When the binding material biodegrades, the product becomes rock dust that can act as a soil amendment. This mechanic is both environmentally friendly in waterways and inert to life forms.

The manufacturer recommends that those with skin irritation should wash hands after handling, but no Personal Protective Equipment is needed under normal use.     Based on general feedback and trials, this product may not be suitable for all floral arrangement projects but this is a sustainable alternative to regular floral foam and is a step in the right direction when it comes to being more environmentally conscious.


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Agra-Wool Design Tips

Agra-Wool cuts easily to shape with a serrated knife

Place Agra-Wool in your container.  Pour Water to saturate.  About 1.5L per brick


Stem Insertion:  Agra-Wool is made from thin layers of Mineral Basalt fibers, which are compressed into sheets.  It forms compression ridges on two sides of the brick.


There is a natural direction to the block, and it is easiest to insert stems into the layers.


For ease of insertion through the layers, use a skewer or pick to “pre-perforate” and protect the stems


Cut Agrawool and wrap together with NEWAGEFLORAL Waxed Hemp to build up your unique Floral Base



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